Interview lighting techniques and backgrounds set-ups for broadcasting features and documentaries.

by Nino Giannotti


"These are challenging times, being a good cameraman is no longer enough, you have to fully understand what producers and clients are looking for when hiring a freelancer. In spite of all the ups and downs of this industry broadcasting still remains the most lucrative area of this profession, this is also the area that hire more freelancers than any other types of productions. Getting-in however for some is nearly impossible. 

Ninety percent of all broadcasting features and documentaries hinge around interviews, in order to stand a chance to get your foot into the door you have to master those skills first, you have to understand and deliver what producers look for when hiring a crew. What you're capable of doing and what producers look for are two different things, deliver what they need and gradually you'll start getting into their circle. Try to push on them what you think they should need and you'll be spending your days waiting for the phone to ring. Today the only way to maintain a constant flow of work and earn the highest rates is by diversifying your skills and your knowledge to meet the current market demand. Take a good look at those who are constantly in demand and get paid the highest rates in the business, you'll see professionals with good working knowledge of lighting and gripping skills and with the ability to transform any ordinary place into a production friendly environment, no matter what's there. This is what good paying clients look for, producers don’t want to hear about problems, they hire us because they want solutions. We can't go on complaining that budgets are not what they used to be, we have to constantly adapt and reinvent ourselves, give our clients the best we can within those limitations and still remain profitable. These are the best and most opportunistic times for innovators who can think and work outside the box, this is what I'm bringing to these workshops."