Workshops information and schedule


This workshop is intended for those who have recently begun working in video production and photography and with a strong desire to build their lighting skills in order to become more marketable and be able to serve better paying clients.

The entry level workshops are held on Saturdays at a local hotel in Tampa from 10am to 7pm with a one hour lunch break.

The participation cost is $200.00. Lodging, meals and transportation not included.


This program will teach:

The business of production and what it take to grow. What are customers looking for and how to adapt your skills and services to meet market demands.

The lighting instruments. Different types of affordable lights. What each type of light does. How to build a versatile lighting kit and how to get the best results with a minimum  investment.

Recommended stands, grips and electrical.

The fundamental of interview lighting and composition. How to correctly position lights on each subject and why,  lighting styles, which light to use and why.

Lighting ratio, the color of lights, separation and depth.

Camera positions and how to get the best out of the subjects

How to get the most from available natural light indoor.




These are two day workshops from 8am to 6pm on Saturdays and Sundays in large conference rooms of  local hotel or other suitable venues in Tampa.

The participation cost is $400.00 for both days. Lodging, meals and transportation not included.

Please note: in order to provide the highest possible benefits for all who attend these workshops the topics and schedule may require some changes. Please complete and return the Inquiry Form; we will evaluate the applicants and make every effort to form groups with  similar skill levels and readjust the topic to better serve each individual participant.



8am to 9am Get acquainted, open discussion about our business, marketing strategies and individual goals.

9am to 12pm The tools of our trade. This is a hands-on workshop, all of the most popular lighting fixtures available today will be there. Attendees will be able to see first hand and compare the functions and advantages of each light. In addition to demonstrating the properties of over 30 light fixtures attendees will learn the use of grips, overhead grids, diffusion material, color correcting gels, power distribution and much more. Most of these items will be continuously covered during the two days.

12pm to 1pm Lunch Break

1pm to 2pm  Continue with the tools of our trade

2pm to 3pm The principle of the Chiaroscuro and how it applies to modern lighting techniques.

3pm to 6pm Lighting the subjects for single camera interviews



8am to 11am Creating backgrounds. Use of props, lights and depth, available backgrounds.

11am to 12pm  Multiple camera interviews: set-ups include use of dollies to create additional camera angles.

12pm to 1pm Lunch break

1pm to 3pm Continue on multiple camera set-ups

3pm to 4pm Chroma-key backgrounds

4pm to 5:30pm Using daylight indoor

5:30pm to 6pm Wrap-up