Grids 3

Sometime grids can save the day and make you look like a hero in the eyes of the producer. Few years back we were asked by ESPN to do a simple interview with back then BUCS coach Jon Gruden, simple enough, until we got there. The team was moving into their brand new, state-of-the-arts headquarter, but there was a little glitch, the building did not receive the final CO (certificate of occupancy) therefore, except employees no one was allowed to enter the building, we had to do the interview outside. The specs for the interviews however called for a black "limbo" background, normally one of the easiest set-up to do, all we needed was darkness.

Grids to  the rescue

We built outside a 10"x 10" x 20" frame all out of tubing and covered it with every black cloth and duveteen I had. Looked more like a gipsy camp residence but got the job done and done well.

BTW, this was in August in Florida. Fortunately we were able to build the tent in a covered area between two building so we did not have to deal with direct sunlight or rain. The temperature quickly soared to 115 degrees inside and making sure that coach Gruden would be comfortable and semi dry for 15 minuted became our prime concern. We went to Walmart and bought a large storage bin, filled with ice and placed it inside the tent, we then placed a small fan to blow air into the ice, the air coming off the ice was cool enough to make the interior of the tent comfortable. Instant AC.

Come back in a few days for more production uses for grids