New life for old clamps

There are few times a month when the only lighting option is to hang the lights from the ceiling,  this mostly on multiple cameras shoots where light stands would be in somebody’s picture. Hanging the lights using scissor clamps isn’t the problem, providing of course the light isn't very heavy, but neatly handling all the wires running across the ceiling could be a challenge.

This is when I decided to give old A spring clamps a new life.

When the plastic tip brake the clamp becomes useless so I’ve been throwing them into a bin hoping one day to find some new uses, and finally I did.

By simply using  flat nose pliers and bending the tips of the clamps a new item was born. Now I have a very easy and fast way to hold wires overhead.

Simply go under the cables, squeeze open the clamp, push it just above the track and let it go.

Clamps can also be used to support safety cables.

Even if you have to go and buy new clamps it’s worth it. Home Depot has the cheaper ones for $0.99c each.